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Motor pump, buy in Ukraine

Living in your own home is, of course, a pleasure, but it is fraught with some difficulties that it is impossible to solve without additional equipment. For example, if you need to supply water for watering plants, to pump out the septic tank, or to perform drainage of the site, you will need motor pump.

Areas of application:

  • During construction work.
  • For supplying water to animals on farms.
  • In the municipal economy.
  • In garden societies for the supply of water from reservoirs and wells.


By and large, the device in question is a pump with an electric, diesel or gasoline engine, sometimes there are gas engines. Most often, models with an internal combustion engine are used, since electric pumps have a limited range of action, and electricity can be turned off at the dacha.

Scheme the operation of any of the above options is quite simple: after turning on the engine, a pump starts pumping liquid from sleeve to sleeve. There are two types of pumps used: centrifugal and diaphragm.

The first ones are suitable for pumping slightly polluted water, irrigation of the garden and water supply at home, but the membrane ones are used for pumping dirt and thick substances.

Engine power

The lightest and simplest pumps are equipped with 2-5 kW motors, they are suitable for summer water supply in the country and watering plants. Models with a power of five to seven kW are needed for pumping contaminated water. Well, the most "strong" (10-12 kW) allow you to pump out viscous liquids

The Oleo-Mac motor pump is an excellent equipment for your country house, cottage

All motor pumps presented on our website are of high quality and performance, these are their main advantages:

- the units have an economical fuel consumption;

- all products are certified;

- the oleo mac motor pump has a stable platform;

- an engine with a capacity of 2.1 hp;

- suitable for both deep and shallow reservoirs;

- the length of the hose is 4 meters;

- special gaskets make it possible to work with chemical solutions or salt water.

Are you interested in the motor pumps presented in the online store Oleo Mac? Then contact our qualified consulting managers! They will tell you the cost, help you choose the best model and place an order with prompt delivery to any point Ukraine.

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