Oleo-Mac Motorcycle Cultivators

Owners of summer cottages, lovers of vegetables from their own garden are increasingly resorting to mechanized labor. Compact technology allows you to perform a wide range of various tasks on a small area. The decision to buy a cultivator is only wel..
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The Oleo-Mac MH 197 RKS cultivator is a 2017 novelty, an excellent manual gasoline cultivator designed for plowing soil. The model will be convenient for gardeners, farmers and farmers who need to process small and medium-sized plots. The plowing dep..
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Specifications:Engine / Model - Emak K 800 HC OHV;Volume - 182 cm3;.Transmission - 2 forward + 1 backward;Rotor 3 + 3 blades - 60 cm or 85 cm with safety discs;Steering wheel - Vertical adjustment;Reinforced gearbox;Dimensions - 157 × 85 × 110 cm;Wei..
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Cultivators and tillers are ideal units for vegetable gardens

Plowing is the most important procedure involving turning the soil over with auxiliary devices or tools. And the gasoline cultivator is one of the aggregates that is irreplaceable, since with its help it is possible to quickly and efficiently process large land plots, breaking large soil particles into smaller fractions. In order to choose an up-to-date cultivator for a suburban area, you should understand the technique of this type.


Before buying a cultivator in Ukraine, consider the following nuances:

  • What is your physical form and condition?
  • There must be appropriate documentation (high-quality equipment always has instructions, a passport).
  • The assembly of the ground cutter must be carried out qualitatively. The nuts and bolts must be well tightened, and all parts are securely fixed. You also need to fix the moving elements well.
  • The unit and the nodes. It is necessary to check the oil level in the transmission and in the engine. The movement of the gas and clutch cables, bowden cables should be without creases.
  • External indicators (there should be no traces of drips, deformations).
  • Brand. A good tillerblock or cultivator, the price which is not so low, it is worth all the money spent to a penny. Leading companies produce innovative devices using high-quality raw materials, and service from the manufacturer is also provided.
  • Appointment. If you need to cultivate a plot of up to 30 acres, and there are no plans to remove snow or mow lawns, a cultivator will be the best solution. More extensive areas are best handled with a tillerblock.

Tillers cultivators Oleo-Mac

The equipment that provides high-quality tillage plays a key role, it also includes the aggregates under consideration.

Often tillers and cultivators are confused with each other, but they are different. The motor cultivator, the price of which is not so high, moves forward with the help of a special milling cutter, digging out plantings and hoeing the areas between the rows. No additional training and knowledge is required for its operation.

At the same time, cultivators are designed for:

  • for hoeing a vegetable garden, a garden;
  • to create furrows for centralized irrigation of the soil;
  •  for weeding the plot;
  • for planting or digging potatoes.

The tillerblock moves due to the presence of a drive on the wheel shaft, compared to the previous version, it can turn around and turn back. You can install additional devices on it, allowing you to expand the functionality. The tillerblock can not only be useful when processing the earth,

Are you interested in aggregates of this kind, but you don't understand anything about them? In this case, contact our consultants! They will help you choose the best model for you and place an order with fast delivery in Ukraine.