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Specifications:Gas tank volume - 0.6 l.Cylinder volume - 25.4 ccPower - 0.9/1, 2 kW/hpCutting tool - 25 cm saw barWorking range - up to 3.5 mWeight - 7.4 kg Description:Poll Cutter Oleo-Mac PPH250 - has an arrow 2.2 meters long. This ensures trouble-..
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Pole Cutter Oleo-Mac CPX 27061229012E2 27.0 1.0/1.3 7.4 0.6 25 cm swivel bar, 5 positions..
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Online store Oleo-Mac offers a high-quality tool for caring for the garden, park areas, for landscaping yard plantings.

Oleo-Mac height cutters allow you to cut small branches, branches with a diameter of up to 15-20 cm. The tool has a sliding (telescopic) handle, which makes it possible to work at a height of 5 meters without special auxiliary means: stairs, lifts.

The Oleo-Mac altimeter is equipped with a working saw head that can change the angle of inclination up to 90. This function is convenient for filing trees and shrubs in hard-to-reach places, with a strong growth of branches.

The weight of the tool (7.4 kg) is designed for comfortable operation during the working day.

The engine is powered (power-1.3 hp) on a gasoline basis (AI-92). The chain on the saw part of the altimeter is automatically lubricated with oil thanks to the built-in pump.

The company's specialists will give professional recommendations on the choice of a tool for the parameters defined by the customer.

A gasoline, electric or battery altimeter is a great helper in the garden

It is difficult to find a country land plot on which trees and shrubs did not grow. These can be pears, cherries, apple trees, or decorative pines, firs, cypresses and other plants. Over time, the trees need to prune unnecessary branches so that the crown is thick, green, and there are a lot of fruits. This procedure should be done at least once a year. And so that pruning was not problematic, the developers came up with a very useful garden tool-an altimeter.

The principle of operation

The device works almost the same as a brushcutter, but there is one feature that allows you to cut fairly thick branches at a high height, practically without energy costs. At the same time, you do not need to use ladders and ladders.


Having a large number of advantages and having no disadvantages, altimeters are divided into 3 the main types are: gasoline, battery and electric.

Electric and battery are similar to each other, but they have distinctive features. The battery requires pre -charging, which can be used for up to an hour, which is enough to improve the condition of the plant, or most of it, if there are a lot of trees. For electric, you need to have an outlet nearby, and an extension cord.

Different models differ in the length and thickness of the cutting element( blade), so before purchasing, be sure to study the market, paying attention to the main characteristics that affect the quality and speed of cutting.

 Some may say that the engine does not have enough power, but this is not so, it will definitely be enough for your garden. Both the battery -powered and electric altimeter, which you can buy without leaving your home, are characterized by a low noise level, compared to gasoline analogues, low weight, environmental cleanliness.

Gasoline altimeter, buy in Ukraine at an adequate price

Oleo-Mac is an online store with high-quality products for the care of park areas, a garden and a suburban land plot in general. Our height cutters make it possible to cut branches with a diameter of up to 20 cm, small branches. The tool has a telescopic handle, so the work can be done at a height of up to 5 meters, without any lifts and stairs.

The 1.3 hp engine is powered by AI-92 gasoline, and thanks to the built -in pump, the chain on the saw part is automatically lubricated with oil. So it is possible to achieve uninterrupted and high-quality work throughout the day. The weight of the gasoline altimeter is 7.4 kg.

Buy an altimeterOleo-Mac with a saw head that can change the angle of inclination by 90%, by contacting our qualified specialists! And even if you do not understand this kind of devices, consultants will help you choose the most relevant model, guided by your wishes and budget.

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