Oleo-Mac - Briggs and Stratton snowplows


Oleo-Mac and Briggs and Stratton snow plows.

Winter is the ideal time of the year for sledding, skating,skiing, and pleasant evenings by the fireplace. But behind this romance there is also a negative side of the medal, because beautiful snowflakes, silently falling to the ground, can kutru will turn into insurmountable snowdrifts, higher than human height. And if you live in a private house/If you are in a cottage, then you will have to clean the territory from snow yourself. Of course, with a small cleaning area and an insignificant layer of deposited precipitation, you can use a shovel. Well, in other cases, a snowplow is suitable, which you can buy without even leaving the comfort zone, it is enough to have access to the Internet and the corresponding device.

Features and varieties of snow plows

This unit is a self-propelled / non-self-propelled machine of tracked or wheeled type with rotating working screws/screw. The principle of operation is quite simple: snow is transported by feeding it inside, and ejecting it with an air jet to a given place.

The most common snowplows are screw – rotor (two-stage) and screw-type.

The first type of snowplow is characterized by a high level of performance, it is suitable for clearing parking lots, car parks, paths in recreation areas and parks.

The second type is suitable for private use, when clearing small areas and paths.

 Self-propelled and non-self-propelled snow plows

Self-propelled models can move independently using crawler / wheel traction. They are equipped with four-stroke engines and a two-stage snow ejection system for fifteen meters.

Non-self-propelled cars are equipped with weaker engines, whose task is to transfer rotation on the working screws, but not movement, so such a unit will have to be pushed in front of you. Snow plows of this type are single-stage, and the design does not imply the presence of impellers for increasing the range of snow ejection, as in the case of the previous type.

Buy a cheap snowplow in Kiev

Are you tired of getting rid of snow in winter with a shovel, and decided to consider the option of purchasing a special unit for cleaning it? Then contact our qualified managers in any convenient way! They will not only place an order with prompt delivery, but also help you choose the most suitable model for you.

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