Multimate Oleo-Mac

Specifications:Engine capacity: 25.4 cm3.Fuel tank capacity: 0.64 liters.Engine power - 1.4 hp - 1.1 kW.The diameter of the shaft cover is 26 mm.Steering wheel - handle.Equipment: purchased separately: scythe, brush cutter, shaft extension, alti..
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A multimotor is a popular and useful device for a summer resident

In our country, electric motors have appeared quite recently, but every year they are becoming more and more popular among public utilities, representatives of the agricultural industry and gardeners who monitor their site and the vegetation growing on it.

A multimotor is a multifunctional unit that can combine different devices. Thanks to this feature, you can save money on buying separate devices for caring for the house plot, garden and vegetable garden.


Their main properties are:

1)              Compactness.Folded twice, it will fit in the trunk of any car, and when stored in the garage will not take up much space.

2)              Multifunctional arm. It is very simple and convenient to operate the device, only one hand is needed for this, because all the necessary buttons are compactly placed on the handle.

3)              Easy to lay out/unfold. To fold the device, you do not need to put a lot of effort, this can be done even together with the nozzle. It is enough to turn a large screw "lamb" and make folding or unfolding.

The Oleo-Mac multimotor is a multifunctional device with high performance

If you need a multimotor, you can buy it on the website oleo-mac.in.ua. On our virtual shelves there are various high-quality devices that are distinguished by high performance, reliability and durability.

This special equipment from us, combining several types of garden equipment, can simultaneously perform the tasks of a blower, a brush cutter, a motorcycle mower. Such a solution will suit summer residents who are able to save their financial resources and time.

The main advantages of Oleo Mak multimotors:

- The ability to perform different tasks using the same device.

- The optimal price/quality ratio.

- Easy maintenance and maintenance.

- Trouble-free stable operation.

- Long period of operation.

- The highest quality level of assembly and raw materials that were used in the assembly process.

- Warranty and post-warranty service.

If you need a multimotor, you can buy it at a good price, evenmanagers. They will conduct a qualified consultation, help you choose the most suitable model, place an order and fast delivery throughout Ukraine.