Oleo-Mac Motor Sprayers

Sprayer Oleo-Mac MB 80 365280030E1 72.4 3.7/5.0 0.5-3 l 12.5 14 l..
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Treatment of soil and vegetation from pests - the first step on the way to the generous gifts of Mother Nature. In this case, the Oleo-Mac MB 90 garden sprayer will be the best assistant, especially when it comes to medium-sized private properties. 1..
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The sprayer is an important device in the garden, in the field and in the garden

Sprayers are needed for uniform and dosed spraying of plants with emulsions, suspensions, liquids, solutions that are used in private and agriculture.

Knapsack sprayers are very popular among summer residents, with their help you can easily and quickly process a small plot of land with plantings. And farmers have a gasoline sprayer in high esteem, with its help , gardens and vegetable gardens on farmland are processed.  Such models are capable of spraying liquid at a distance of 15-18 meters.

Sprayer Oleo Mac – the perfect price/quality ratio

If you want to get a large harvest, and so that it is not eaten by diseases or pests, before it is harvested, then you will need Oleo Mac sprayer. Convenient models of the satchel type are universal devices, you can buy them even without leaving your home, and the quality will be at the highest level, and the cost is reasonable. Another advantage of our spraying devices is that they will be delivered completely free of charge! No matter in which corner of Ukraine you live.

Gasoline sprayer, features

The unit is suitable not only for spraying various liquids, but also fungicides, top dressing, powdered pesticides. The two-stroke gasoline engine allows you to quickly and efficiently process large areas with plants, thus saving the consumption of the solution. Also, the sprayer can perform a secondary role – to blow away foliage and debris from garden paths, vegetable garden or lawn.

For maximum convenience of the farmer or summer resident, the motor sprayer from Oleo Mac has a satchel mount, which greatly facilitates transportation. The manufacturer from Italy has taken care of the comfort of a person – the products are equipped with engines with a reduced noise level, they emit minimal vibrations.

In addition, they have the following advantages::

1)               The ability to pollinate trees, shrubs and other plants at a distance of up to 18 meters.

2)               Large volume for liquid.

3)               The engine is fully protected.

4) Nine modes that allow you to change the type of spraying.

On our virtual shelves you will find several high-quality products of this type – the oleo-mac mb 80 and mb 90 sprayer. Both options are devices of high European quality, they can be delivered to the address you specified completely free of charge! So do not waste your time, contact our specialists and place an order.

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