Lawn mower Oleo-Mac GV 53 TK ALL ROAD PLUS4 (66079123E1)

  • Brand: OLEO-MAC
  • Product Code: 8155-03
  • Sku: 66079123E5
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Oleo-Mac Lawnmower GV 53 TK ALLROAD PLUS4 is a great help


Before entering the specialized market, this model, every detail, was meticulously thought out by qualified Italian engineers. It is designed to perform the most complex tasks. With intuitive controls, the GV53TK ALLROAD PLUS4 is easy to use right from the start. The production motor makes it possible to work for a long time without interruption, and sharp knives retain their original appearance and functionality throughout the entire period of operation. Adjustable rear wheels with a wide tread shape, allow you to adjust the length of the haircut (there are five height settings).

Main pluses:

1) The presence of a mulching knife allows you to grind the grass that falls into the grass box into tiny particles.< /p>

2) The cutting height of the lawn is adjusted with a handy knob.< /p>

3) 60 liter grassbag capacity guarantees a high level autonomy.


4 ) Even on uneven terrain , the movement will be as comfortable as possible. All thanks to the special bearings that are mounted on the wheels.

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