High pressure washer Oleo-Mac PW 115 C (68509091)

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Power - 1750 Watts
The maximum pressure is 115 bar.
The maximum flow rate is 360 liters/hour.
The feeding hose is plastic.
The pump is aluminum.
Rotary nozzle nozzle Rotojet - yes.
There is a foam nozzle.
There is a brush.
Weight - 10 kg.


- Protected handle.

- Adjustable flat nozzle.

- Rotary nozzle.

- Brush.

- A container for detergents.

- The drum for the hose.

- 8 m hose.

PW 115 C - affordable oleo mac mini-wash

This device from a well-known manufacturer from Italy is designed to make the cleaning of utility rooms, household territory, washing a motorcycle or car, better and faster.

Such equipment is effective in combating pollution of various types (from chemical liquids to dustiness). Cleaning occurs due to the influence of a powerful water flow.

The Oleo-Mac PW 115 C high-pressure washer is a very convenient device of the highest quality level. In addition to its elegant design, it has a number of functional features. The eight-meter hose, after the end of the washing, is very convenient to wind on a special coil, on which to store it, until the next need to use the unit.


1. Stability on various surfaces.

2. A coil for storing the hose is available.

3. Thanks to innovative technologies, water consumption during washing is minimized.

4. The water-resistant aluminum pump guarantees long service life.

5. Efficient cleaning due to high pressure.

6. The motor is designed for continuous maximum loads.

7. There is a built-in protection against overheating of the engine.

High-quality mini-wash, buy,Kiev

Tired of paying for car or motorcycle washing? Then you've come to the right place! Contact our qualified managers, they will help you choose a model of a mini-car wash and place an order with fast delivery.

We are the official dealer of the Italian brand Oleo-Mac. Therefore, we sell only original products. There is a warranty and post-warranty service.

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