Oleo-Mac MH175RK Motorcycle cultivator (68599003)

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Owners of summer cottages, lovers of vegetables from their own garden are increasingly resorting to mechanized labor. Compact technology allows you to perform a wide range of various tasks on a small area. The decision to buy a cultivator is only welcome if you are tired of feeling exhausted after the next treatment of a deep layer of soil. The model of the motor cultivator presented in the section Oleo-MAC MN 175 RK has excellent performance characteristics. In practice, the possibility of using the equipment in difficult conditions has been proven. Due to the presence of reverse gear, the device is quite easy to move even in a small, limited space.

Operational parameters

Among the abundance of models of cultivators and tillers presented on the market, this sample is distinguished by a favorable ratio of characteristics and cost. Let's present the main features of the instance presented in the section:

  • The gasoline power unit is quite reliable, unpretentious to the quality of fuel. The presence of a belt drive significantly increases the level of reliability, facilitates the maintenance of equipment. Note that the Oleo-Mac brand is of Italian origin. Under this brand, a variety of equipment is used on small sites. Users leave extremely positive feedback about the Emak motor.
  • Even with prolonged use, the Oleo-Mac MH 175 RK cultivator it is not capable of leading to significant fatigue. The designers have thought out a convenient range of steering wheel adjustment. The operator is able to quickly configure it to work in a comfortable mode. The low vibration load also contributes to the comfortable use of the model.
  • At a decent level, the dimensions of the milling cutter diameter are 320 mm. The installation of 6 milling cutters by the manufacturer allows you to achieve flawless results in the process of performing work tasks. Special attention should be paid to powerful blades that are difficult to damage even in extreme situations.
  • It is not difficult for the user to keep the depth indicators under constant strict control. It is not necessary to have great physical strength in order to deliver the unit to the place of work — the presence of a powerful wheel facilitates the task.

After-sales service

In order for the Oleo-MAC motor cultivator to last as long as possible, it is enough to comply with the basic requirements of the manufacturer regarding maintenance, routine maintenance. Follow the requirements of the factory exactly and the real resource of the equipment will exceed the deadlines stated in the service book. You should also not use the device to the limit of its capabilities, only then you will be able to avoid repairs for many years.

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