Chainsaw Oleo-MAC GSH 56 (50329009E1A)

  • Brand: Oleo-Mac
  • Product Code: 501-03
  • Sku: 50329009E1A
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Main specifications
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Air filter:
Anti-vibration system:
Body material:
Chain brake:

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  • Cylinder volume - 50.9 cm3;
  • Power - 3.5 hp (2.6 kW);
  • Tire - OREGON 16” (40 cm);
  • Chain - OREGON 0.325" x 0.058” (1.3 mm);
  • Carburetor - Walbro;
  • The presence of a primer - yes;
  • Fuel tank capacity - 0.55 l;
  • Oil tank capacity - 0.26 l;
  • Chain tension system - side;
  • Air filter - nylon;
  • Air filter cover - keyless access (lamb nut);
  • Crankcase - aluminum;
  • Weight (without tire and chain) - 5.2 kg.

A new series of Oleo-MAC chain saws from EMAK concern for domestic use with an exclusive design, the best characteristics in its class and outstanding capabilities.

The Oleo-Mac GSH 56 chainsaw is a reliable assistant to a summer resident and gardener

This model is characterized by high power, its engine is already 3.5 hp. The class of the GSH 56 economy chainsaw, but it showed itself from the best side. Like all products from the famous Italian manufacturer, it has a high level of performance and wear resistance, but is suitable for private use. For constant work at the limit of possibilities, you should consider oleo mac chainsaws, the prices of which are slightly higher.


The ergonomic fuel tank of the GSH 56 is separated from the housing, thus the safety level is increased to the maximum, since the fuel will not catch fire from excessive heat generation of the engine.

The simplicity of the design allows you to replace spark plugs and air filter without third-party tools.

The large diameter of the flywheel ensures smoother operation of the engine, thus optimizing the cooling of the motor, even at abnormally high temperatures. And an adjustable oil pump made of aluminum alloy facilitates the operator's task by changing the intensity of the oil supply, depending on the combination of chain and tire. Zero oil flow into the engine during idle, guarantees a reduction in the level of environmental impact, and provides lower consumption.

Would you like to buy an oleo mac chainsaw? Then contact our consulting managers! They will not only place your order and delivery to the specified address, but also help you find the best model, exactly in your case, depending on the tasks and working conditions.

Design features:

Aluminum crankcase. Lightness and reliability.

Nickel-plated cylinder

the enlarged flywheel with a diameter of 100 mm with a new geometry is designed to ensure smoother engine operation, reliable and constant cooling even at high ambient temperatures.

Forged three-element crankshaft and forged connecting rod, as well as protected bearings.

A piston with two piston rings.

Reliable Walbro carburetor.

Three-mass centrifugal clutch and 7-tooth chain sprocket.

Aluminum adjustable oil pump. Simplifies the operator's task of selecting the oil supply level based on the tasks performed, the size of the tire /chain. Zero oil supply at idle ensures low oil consumption and also reduces environmental impact.

The fuel tank is physically separated from the crankcase, which reduces the heating of the fuel mixture from the heated engine.

A convenient lamb nut makes it possible to easily access the air filter and spark plug for their maintenance without using special tools. Nylon mesh air filter is easy to clean and has an extended service life.

The anti-vibration system consists of one spring damper and 5 rubber ones, which ensures complete isolation of the operator's hands from harmful vibrations.

Automatic shutter - requires one press to start. A primer for pumping the fuel mixture directly into the carburetor - this will allow you to quickly start the saw in cold conditions, after refueling and after prolonged storage.

The reinforced muffler guarantees a reduced noise level even when operating at maximum rpm.

Cylinder volume - cube/cm
Ignition system
Maximum torque - Nm (rpm)
Body material
Air filter
Fuel pumping (primer)
Fuel tank capacity - l
Number of teeth of the drive sprocket
Anti-vibration system
Cutting width - cm
Chain brake
Chain pitch and groove - inch
Oil tank capacity - l
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