Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 35 C + Starter Kit (50249101E1ST)

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The kit includes:

  • Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 35 C.

As well as the necessary accessories in a convenient package:

  • 2-stroke oil Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T 500 g;

  • Chain lubrication oil Oleo-Mac Polar Lube 1L;

  • Professional chain Oregon 91VXL53E.


  • Power/Cylinder capacity 2.0 hp - 1.5 kW / 38.9 cm3;

  • Tire Length 35-41 cm / 14” - 16”;

  • Chain (pitch x thickness) 3/8’ x 0.050’;

  • The oil pump is automatic;

  • Oil/fuel tank capacity 0.26 l / 0.36 L;

  • Weight 4.4 kg.

Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 35 C with starter kit

This model will be an ideal option for home and country use. It replaced the GS 35, but most of the parameters remained the same. The saw is equipped with an engine having a power of two horsepower. The innovative anti-vibration system allows the operator to easily cut/cut/cut wood, and not feel the load on his hands from vibrations. What has changed is the oil pump, it is now an order of magnitude more economical. The oil supply is switched on only when the chain is moving.

If you buy a chainsaw with a standard set, you can not only provide the tool with everything you need for a long time, but also save money.

The kit includes: chainsaw + starter kit (chain Oregon 91VXL53E, chain lubricant Oleo-Mac Polar Lube 1L, two-stroke oil Oleo-Mac Prosint 2T 500 g)

The main advantages of the Oleo-Mac GS 35 C chainsaw:

- Easy start is guaranteed by the presence of a suction pump for pumping fuel.

- Due to the fact that the tank is made of transparent material, it has become very easy to control the level of chain oil and fuel.

- The multifunctional lever makes it possible to operate the saw easily and simply.

- The ergonomic brake handle guarantees a trouble-free stop of work, regardless of the conditions and working position.

- The double air filter facilitates maintenance and perfectly copes with its basic duties.

- The case made of lightweight aluminum alloy makes it easy to operate the saw for a long period.

If you need to buy a chainsaw in Kiev, contact our managers! They will help you find the current model and place an order with delivery.

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