High-pressure Oleo-Mac mini-washes

Specifications: Power - 1750 Watts The maximum pressure is 115 bar. The maximum flow rate is 360 liters/hour. The feeding hose is plastic. The pump is aluminum. Rotary nozzle nozzle Rotojet - yes. There is a foam nozzle. There is a brush. Weight - 10..
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Specifications: Power - 2350 Watts. The maximum pressure is 150 bar. The maximum flow rate is 360 liters/hour. The feeding hose is plastic 8 m. The pump is aluminum. Rotary nozzle nozzle Rotojet - yes. There is a foam nozzle. There is a brush. Weight..
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Oleo-Mac PW121C 9046012100 130 360 1700 aluminum Hose 6 m., 1 nozzle..
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Oleo-Mac PW136C 9046012200 140 410 2000 aluminum Hose 8 m.,2 nozzles + shield..
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Oleo-Mac sink PW155 9043008900 150 480 2300 brass 2 nozzles..
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Washing Oleo-Mac PW 300 HC profi 9044006700 150 540 2700 brass Hose 10 m., 1latuna golivka..
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Mini-washes Oleo-Mac are an indispensable equipment for washing cars, paths in suburban areas, swimming pools, plinths.

The principle of operation:

The Oleo-Mac sink is designed for high-pressure water supply (150-200 bar). A detergent is poured into a special compartment, which is fed into a water gun in portions, mixing with water.

Advantages and features:

The Oleo-Mac mini-wash allows you to wash surfaces that are difficult to clean manually.

Water supplied under pressure is able to wash off complex contaminants (bitumen on cars, silt in the pool). The high performance of the equipment is designed for cleaning large areas in a short period of time.Possible options with and without water heating.The small weight of the sinks (up to 9 kg) makes it possible for one person to work without resorting to the help of others.

All variants of the equipment are equipped with wheels.

The high-pressure washer has coils for winding wires and hoses, which allows you to quickly put them away for storage after work.

A variety of attachments included in the equipment kit (foam, spot, mud) provides the opportunity to perform various functions.

Buy a high-pressure mini-wash – the best solution for a car enthusiast and a summer resident

Household high-pressure sinks are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the versatility. With their help, you can easily clean tools, the facade of a house, garden paths, a car, a bicycle, a motorcycle, and many other objects and objects from contamination.

The principle of operation is quite simple: water is supplied to a special gun under pressure, which is mixed with a detergent located in a separate tank.


Before you buy a high-pressure car wash, you should pay attention to the fact that almost all devices of this type function according to a single principle. By increasing the pressure several times, the unit pushes out water with a powerful jet, with its help, contamination is easily repelled from the surface to be cleaned.

The identical principle of operation minimizes the number of types. In general, when choosing, you should take into account all the nuances, so you need to deal with all types of sinks. According to their capacity, they are divided into:

  • Professional washing systems (with a water injection pressure of more than 200 Bar).
  • Household washing systems. Their power allows you to create a pressure of up to 200 Bar.
  • Models with jet ejection at a pressure of up to 120 Bar.
  • Low-power sinks (the discharge pressure does not exceed 80 Bar).

Of course, it is not superfluous to get acquainted with the overall quality of the device, and it directly depends on the manufacturer. A high-pressure washer, the price of which is too low, will definitely not serve you for decades. It is necessary to really look at things, and understand that no matter what kind of thing, device, tool or device we are talking about, a high-quality product will not be cheap.

Buy a high-pressure washer in Ukraine at a real, not inflated cost

Mini-washes from our company are an indispensable equipment for cleaning various objects, vehicles and objects under high pressure.

The advantages and features of Oleo-Mac mini-washes are the efficiency of cleaning dirt of various complexity. There are models with or without water heating. Due to the fact that the unit weighs only 9 kg, one person can work with it. Plus, all options are equipped with wheels, with which you can transport the device. Add the convenience of coils for winding hoses and wires. And the presence of different attachments in the kit allows you to expand the functionality.

Ifor cheat, contact our qualified specialists! They will help you choose an up-to-date car wash, place your order with delivery throughout Ukraine.