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  In fact, the gas cutter is an autonomous circular saw equipped with a disk with a cutting edge. It allows you to quickly and easily cut different kind of solid materials (iron construction, asphalt, concrete, etc.). Today in order to book microscopes for affordable price, do not even need to leave the comfort zone and out of at home, you can type in the search for the sale entresol oleo Mac, and find our website with products from the Italian brand.


Initially, the tool in question was designed as a maneuverable powerful device for use by rescue services in emergency situations. And then, many construction companies adopted it. The cost of a gasoline cutter in Ukraine is acceptable, both for firms and for ordinary people. This equipment is equipped with two-stroke gasoline installations, as they are easy to maintain, they are unpretentious, and time-tested.

Diamond discs are used as a working tool , the maximum possible cutting depth depends on their working diameter. The most popular is the diameter of 250-350 mm. In fact, if the power allows, a disc of any diameter can be installed on each gas cutter, but this violates the safety conditions, because the protective casing has a certain size. There are also such models that allow you to use several sizes, this makes it possible to work with one unit of equipment in different conditions.

The weight of a fully equipped gasoline cutter can be from nine to fifteen kilograms, this is a considerable weight. Therefore, the convenience of the grip is of high importance. The trouble -free operation and reliability of the tool depends on special systems that purify the air. Models from leading manufacturers are equipped with high-quality filters with cyclone pre-cleaning, which affects the quality of work, as well as the durability of the equipment.

Speaking about the device, gas cutters largely repeat the device of saws with a gasoline engine, the only difference is that the working cutting element is not a toothed chain, but a diamond disc. Of course, when a large cutting depth is required, there are special models with diamond chains, but there are not so many of them, and this is completely different.

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