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Emak gasoline engines from the company Oleo-Mac.

If your lawn mower or other motor equipment has served you for many years, but the motor has already exhausted its resource, and does not produce the proper power, you have the opportunity to buy an engine for a tillerblock, cultivator, lawn mower or other tool separately, and not to purchase new equipment.


According to the type of fuel, diesel and gasoline engines are distinguished. The second option is in the greatest demand, and is usually refueled with the AI-92 or AI-95 brand of gasoline. The most profitable in terms of consumption are models with valves located in the upper part, they prevent the deposition of carbon deposits and contribute to the output of the power declared by the manufacturer.

According to the starting system, there are 2 types of motors:

- with an electric starter (the motor unit starts after turning the key in the ignition lock);

- with a manual starter (to start working, you need to pull the starter cable sharply on yourself).

Tips for people who bought a new Emak engine for a tillerblock

It does not matter which version of the tillerblock (diesel or gasoline), in order for the unit to last as long as possible, it requires a certain amount of care. Be sure to monitor the engine oil level, clean the filter at least every 10 hours of operation, replace the oil and air filter in a timely manner, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Selection criteria

Before you decide on a specific motor model, you need to take into account the following characteristics:

1)    Engine capacity. There are many options on the market, but most often, the volume does not exceed 300 cm3. The higher this indicator is, the greater the output performance

2)    Power. This parameter is one of the most important, since it depends on ensuring proper performance. Usually, owners of motor vehicles for the garden and vegetable garden purchase options with the same power as the old engine, but if you have a desire to expand the capabilities of the motor unit, give preference to a more powerful motor. For work on plots up to one hectare, a motor with a capacity of 3-7 horsepower is suitable, but if the indicator of the area of the cultivated soil is higher, there are engines with a capacity of up to 12 hp on the market.

3)  The lighting coil. Not every gasoline engine for a mower, a tillerblock has such an additional option that allows you to connect devices for lighting. The coil will be needed in the case of using tillers with headlights.

If you have decided to improve your garden equipment by replacing the old engine with a new one, contact our consultants! They will help you choose the best option for you and place an order with delivery.

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