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Internet shop of technique for a garden and vegetable garden

A hand-grown garden and vegetable garden of healthy and fresh vegetables and berries is the best inspiration for any person, but, as you know, all living things, including any plants, require daily care and painstaking work. If you like to spend time on the summer residence, or live in a private house, cottage, then the special equipment will provide the effective care of territory with a maximal comfort for you. Garden inventory and technique used for watering, care of plants, treatment of soil, arrangement and keeping order on an area.

Importance of garden-garden inventory

Regardless of season, on homestead land there will always be work it will be difficult with that, and sometimes and it is impossible to manage, without the use of equipment or instrument. In spring it is necessary to cut bushes and trees, prepare soil to landing of different plants, to clean a last year's abscissed foliage, other garbage. Loosening and watering of earth, прополка may need in summer. Autumn – most responsible and important period, in fact exactly at this time years there is a harvest, and also fertilizer of soil and preparation to wintering.

Care of bushes and trees

For the care of plants of middle and large size you may need motoscissors, pole pruners, also, chainsaws will be useful on occasion.

The special motoscissors are worked out so that maximally to secure an user, and to prevent the origin of supernumerary situations. Instrument it comfortably to lie down in a hand, and to manage to them simpler than simple.

Pole pruners allow with lightness to cut twigs and lops, if their diameter does not exceed twenty centimetres. They have a telescopic pen, moving apart that, it is possible to produce works on height of to five meters, here not to use a lift or stair.

To buy Oleo-Mac in Ukraine – ideal decision for a fruit-grower

Known trade mark of Oleo-Mac is founded almost by a half a century back. To date, this brand is part of corporation of international value Emak, the row of knowable firms is included in that. Due to the literate management put right to the thinnest details to the production, a company has unbelievable success in the world market. Application of innovative developments, front-rank equipment during producing of products, and also the best components, allowed to conquer the markets of many countries, it was so succeeded to earn irreproachable reputation of planetary scale. In the process of production of every unit, the best raw material is used, in fact the special attention is spared his purchase. All products of this brand answer the international standards of ISO 9001.

Official website of Oleo Mac

On our resource the row of high-quality products is collected, namely: storage-battery instrument, chainsaws and electricsaws, gas cutters, blowers, pole saws, lawn mowers, cultivators, washings high-pressure, motoboraxes, motobraids and brushcutters, motoscissors, motorpumps, other equipment for works on homestead lands and not only.

All our assortment differs in that the presented list of inventory and instruments for a garden, differs in reliability and very tall quality level. Powerful blowers will accelerate and will simplify cleaning of territory from leaves, motoblocks and cultivators will allow quickly and without efforts to process soil, and to do her more fertile. Motobraids and lawn mowers will give possibility operatively to put in an order the house area and lawn, and a modern irrigatory technique will help to create the irrigational system, and successfully to manage her, dependency upon weather terms.

The great choice of reliable technique allows to each to pick up the most suitable variant. In fact sale of garden technique at moderate price – our main task. Thousands of clients took your choice already, and successfully cooperate with us, and it is clear, in fact we guarantee:

  • High qualifying level of every employee.
  • Simplicity and comfort.
  • Real economy of finances and time.
  • Reliability and timeliness at deliveries under an order.
  • Authorized service centers on all Ukraine.
  • Rapid delivery.
  • Wide assortment of quality products.

Oleo-Mac, service center Kyiv

We are always interested in a long-term collaboration with every client. Therefore, our professional masters engage in repair of products from this Italian producer. If during a warranty term breakage of equipment or instrument happened not through your fault, our specialists will produce free repair.

Oleo Mac, price

The not high cost of our high-quality products talks about the competitiveness of firm, and that for us only reliable and tested suppliers. And the basic mission of company consists in that every client had a choice, regardless of budget, necessities and plan of work.

If you are not ready to do an independent choice, from the shortage of time, or can not define, what model of one or another equipment of instrument will suit, will appeal to our toconsultants! They will help to carry out the selection of actual variant, will process order and rapid delivery in the capital and on all corners of Ukraine.

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Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 41 / 0.325
Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 41 / 0.325
Пилка просто класс, легкая мощная, пилит как по маслу, очень доволен! Спасибо за подарки!!!..