Electric Chain Saws Oleo-Mac

CHARACTERISTICS: . Power - 2000 W; . Voltage/Frequency - 230V/50Hz; . Tire length - 41 cm; . Chain (pitch x thickness) - 3/8'' x .050''; . Oil pump - automatic; . Oil tank capacity - 0.35 l; . Weight (without bar and chain) - 4.4 kg;..
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Power saw Oleo-Mac 2000Е51029011T 1.9 kW 220V / 50Hz 4.4 40 0.2..
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Electric chain saws.

Our company offers to purchase electric saws Oleo-Mac. These tools are necessary for any modern owner to quickly perform any, even the most complex operations related to the processing (cutting) of trees.

Advantages of electric saws

The Oleo-Mac GS 200 E chain saw has a lot of advantages, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • Good motor power indicators.
  • Environmental cleanliness. The complete absence of exhaust gases contributes to the performance of work even in completely sealed rooms.
  • Light weight.
  • The minimum level of noise accompaniment.
  • Quick start of the device by pressing just a couple of buttons.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • An affordable price.

A high-quality electric saw that you can buy in just a few clicks is able to work for a very long time. In the process of manufacturing equipment, high-quality components are used, which directly affect the durability of the device.

A professional electric saw Oleo-Mac should be available to every person engaged in harvesting firewood for heating their own home.

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