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Oleo Mac is a manufacturer of high-quality electrical appliances. Among the company's products, electric braids stand out especially. The Oleo-Mac trimmer is a device that allows you to quickly get rid of excess grass on a country plot.

Advantages of an electric mower

This electric technique will help to mow the grass even in the most inaccessible places. The Oleo-Mac trimmer will be able to quickly perform its work around trees, bushes, fences, buildings. The main advantages of such devices include:

  • light weight. Thanks to this, your hands will not get tired while mowing the grass,
  • low noise during operation. This feature distinguishes the product from gasoline variations,
  • low costs during use. The electric motor consumes a small amount of electricity,
  • compact dimensions. The electric mower, even when assembled, will take up a little space in your home.

Buy an Oleo-Mac trimmer

Our store offers to purchase equipment for the care of the site at a favorable price. The catalog contains various models of trimmers that differ in performance characteristics, such as the Oleo-Mac TR 92 E, TR 61 E, TR 111 E and the gasoline trimmer Sparta 25 TR

Grass trimmer is an effective assistant of a gardener-gardener

The garden trimmer is a compact mobile tool for cutting grass. With its help, you can improve the entire site. But if there is a lawn mower, then it is more expedient to use it in hard-to-reach places (near fences, shrubs and trees). A modern-style trimmer will not only cope with tall grass, but also with cutting small shrubs.

Features of the choice

Before stopping for any model, pay attention to the type of engine:

- Gasoline is suitable for working on large areas, because it does not depend on the cable. Thanks to the high power level, the gasoline trimmer is able to cope with any vegetation. It happens with a two-stroke and four-stroke engine.

- The model with an electric motor is characterized by a low noise level, ease of operation and a small weight, but it depends on the length of the cable.

Technical characteristics are an important indicator during the selection process:

1)              The tank capacity for a trimmer with an internal combustion engine is selected, depending on the amount of work that needs to be performed.

2) The width of the mowing. It can range from 25 to 40 cm. The larger the plot, the greater the mowing width.

3)               The type of handle. The T-shaped handle is suitable for working on flat areas with a large area. The D-shape will be an ideal option for working on areas with difficult terrain.

4)              Power.For cutting plants with thick stems and grass of great height, you need a model whose motor has a power of 1 kW or more.

5) Weight. Given that the entire load goes to the hands, when choosing, you should pay attention to how much the device weighs.

The oleo mac trimmer is a high-quality unit at an affordable price

If you need a high-quality electric trimmer, then you have come to the right resource.

Such electrical equipment will be an excellent assistant when cutting grass, even in the most difficult-to-reach places. Here are its main advantages:

- small dimensions when folded allow you to store the device without any problems;

- the electric motor consumes little electrical energy, which means that you will not spend a lot of financial resources during operation;

- low noise level during operation;

- light weight.

You were interested equipment for the care of the site at a favorable price, will place an order and be delivered in Ukraine.

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