Oleo-Mac Ground Gasoline Drills

extension brown 30cm MTL-51..
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drill 10x100 MTL-51-MTL-85..
4 098.00грн.
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drill 15x100 MTL-51-MTL-85..
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drill 20x100 MTL-51-MTL-85..
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motodrill Oleo-Mac MTL-51375281010E1 47.7 cu. cm 1.5/2.0 9.1 40:01:00
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extension brown 38 cm MTL-85R..
3 120.00грн.
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drill 8x100 MTL-51-MTL-85..
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drill 25х85 MTL-85R..
7 211.00грн.
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drill 25x100 MTL-85R..
13 188.00грн.
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drill 35х100 MTL-85R..
16 778.00грн.
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drill 40x100 MTL-85R..
17 959.00грн.
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drill 500mm MTL-85R..
21 921.00грн.
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motodrill Oleo-Mac MTL-85R53039001E1A 80.6 cu. cm 4.0/5.5 31 85:01:00 80 to 500..
48 899.00грн.
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Oleo-Mac Motorbikes

The online store offers an assortment of Oleo-Mac motorcycle drills for performing gardening, construction work, landscaping activities.

Areas of application:

You can buy a motor drill to perform the following operations:

  • drilling for the installation of posts for fences, hedges,
  • construction of road signs,
  • mounting of advertising structures,
  • implementation of plant planting.

The tool can be used both in personal subsidiary farms and for public production works.

Advantages and features

  • The Oleo-Mac gasoline drill is characterized by a number of advantages:
  • the low weight (up to 10 kg) allows one person to drill several wells without attracting additional labor;
  • the tool implies the possibility of installing drills of different diameters (from 5 to 20 cm with a length of 1 m);
  • replacement of augers (drills) is carried out without auxiliary tools;
  • the safety system is thought out: in case of an emergency situation, the engine (with a capacity of 2.1 hp) is automatically switched off, preventing injuries to workers;
  • it is possible to extend the drill and, accordingly, the drilling depth to 1.6 m with the help of additional screws (2 pieces of 30 cm each).
The motor drill is controlled by levers and buttons located at hand. Additional advice on technical parameters can be obtained from the company's specialists.

Buy motobur in the online store Oleo-Mac

Although today the technologies are very well developed, developers are looking for new ways to make life even easier and more enjoyable, facilitating physical labor. For example, for carrying out work on the ground, a variety of equipment is being created, among it you can distinguish a motor drill. This modern unit of small mechanization is becoming increasingly popular. The price of a motor drill may differ, depending on the configuration and functionality. With its help, thanks to the use of the screw principle, you can easily drill ice and soil, and at the same time create holes of the desired depth and diameter. Motobur, in its capabilities, is not inferior even to large-sized installations on truck platforms.

Advantages of using:

- high level of performance and power;

- the cost of a motorcycle drill is available to many;

- the lightness of the entire structure (this means that one person can easily perform drilling operations);

- there is no need to carry out preparatory work;

- reliability.


The working part of the device is a screw-shaped drill or auger, driven by an engine. The high speed of work and the absence of the need to extract the developed soil from the face, because the tool feeds the rock to the surface, makes the unit very popular among many.

The configuration assumes the presence of screws of different sizes, so it is possible to create holes of different diameters. Replacement of drills or augers is carried out, without any auxiliary devices. And with the help of special extension rods, it is easy to achieve the desired drilling depth.

The motor drill is controlled by means of buttons and levers that are at hand.

Scope of application

Taking into account the convenience of operation and ease of maintenance, the sale of motor drills is carried out with equal success, both to professional organizations and private owners of suburban real estate. They are successfully used during:

a) research works;

b) works of municipal organizations;

c) drilling on household farms and dachas;

d) processes of a construction nature.

Our virtual shelves are filled with high-quality products for carrying out activities for the improvement of various territories, construction and gardening works.

If you need a motorcycle holster to buy, the price at which will be affordable, and without unjustified cheating, please contact our managers! They will help you choose the current model, place an order and prompt delivery in Ukraine.

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