Oleo-Mac Battery Tool

• Complete cleaning in one go.• Select the air outlet speed using the regulator.• It's so quiet here that you can hear the rustle of leaves.• The handle makes it extremely comfortableThe Oleo-Mac BVi 60 cordless blower is an indispensable tool for a ..
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The tool is powered by batteries at an affordable price

During the work on the improvement of the garden or park, various tools and equipment are used that help to cope with a particular task faster and better. The most popular are gasoline options, but sometimes the best choice will be environmentally friendly and less noisy battery equipment.

In order not to limit the processed space to the length of the power cord, it is worth ordering an oleomac battery tool in Kiev. It can perform its tasks away from power sources, and is suitable for finishing touches in creating a certain appearance of shrubs, lawns and trees. Modern batteries can be easily changed if necessary, and the charger allows you to charge batteries with any level of charge with the same efficiency. Thanks to according to the available indicators on the equipment, you can plan your work correctly, without expecting any surprises.


Buy a battery tool in Ukraine it will not be difficult, it is not even necessary to leave the house for this. Its main advantage is its autonomy. This type of auxiliary devices is popular among gardeners, finishers, furniture assemblers,computers, emergency and service workers. When compared with other autonomous tools, for example, with gasoline-powered analogues, battery-powered ones have undeniable advantages: compactness, convenience, low noise level.

A power tool that works from the power grid loses to the type under consideration by the fact that to work in remote areas, you will have to use an extension cord, which is not safe during precipitation or in conditions of high humidity. The battery tool is completely safe, because the highest voltage does not exceed 24 V


Unfortunately, even with a large turnaround in the development of various technologies for the autonomy of everything, the tool is on batteries periodically need the network.The operating time of each battery is limited to several hours. It is for this reason that many manufacturers use multiple batteries.

As a rule, batteries have a form factor of the unit, which can be easily disconnected, but there are such models where they are built-in. Also, modern tools can it can be powered by batteries that are located in a remote location (they are connected using a wire). Since the weight of the battery is about half of the total weight, it can be attached to the belt.

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