Accessories and spare parts for the Oleo-Mac petrol tool

Specifications:Weight: 10 kg;Frame length: 70 cmIt is suitable for any cultivators, tillers with the help of an adjustment hitch (purchased separately). Description:Adjustable disk spud (diameter 360mm), on a transverse frame. It is used with tillers..
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2-tooth nij for a mower 300 x 25,4 pros..
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Oleo-Mac spare parts – high- quality products from A to Z

Many urban residents of Ukraine have their own outlet-a house outside the noisy settlement. In addition to the owners of suburban areas, there are also those who have moved to the countryside for permanent residence, and live in a measured rhythm, enjoying the fresh air, silence and birdsong.

This is all great, but to support the entire house territory in proper condition, modern people use various tools and aggregates, without which it is impossible to imagine caring for the lawn, bushes and trees.

Despite the fairly high wear resistance of most gardening equipment, after a while, you will need repairs and spare parts, which are sometimes not so easy to find.

Spare parts for Oleo Mac Chainsaw

The range of garden equipment "Oleo Mac" is extensive, and chainsaws are no exception. All the presented models are focused on one or another type of work, and not only at the household level, but also professional.

Chain saws, like any other equipment for the garden, with prolonged or incorrect operation, lose their functionality, power, and sometimes completely fail.

On our resource you can order such high-quality components for chainsaws:

1) The cylinder-piston group.

2)               Engine.

3)               Fuel and air filter.

4)               Asterisks.

5)               Carburetor.

6)               The starter.

7) Tires.

8)               The oil pump.

9) Chains.

We have listed the most popular spare parts among our customers, to clarify the availability of a certain part, please contact the company's specialists.

Oleo Mac spare parts – quality at an affordable price

The main advantage of all Oleo Mac parts is the quality guarantee.  After all, it is the quality of the products that determines its durability and correct functioning. Another important plus is a wide range of products that allows you to purchase all the necessary spare parts on one resource. Thus, you will save time searching for the necessary parts in different stores, and the cost will definitely pleasantly surprise you.

By visiting the Oleo-Mac website, spare parts you can buy from the comfort of your home, just contact our qualified consulting managers! They will not only place an order with fast delivery throughout Ukraine, but also help with the selection of the model that is relevant in your case. Hundreds of customers have already made their choice in our favor, enjoy the best service and product quality, and you do not lag behind!