Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 371

  • Brand: Oleo-Mac
  • Product Code: 7951-03
  • Sku: 50189151E2
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  • Engine power - 1.8 kW / 2.4 hp
  • The volume of the cylinder is 35.2 cm3.
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.32 liters.
  • The volume of the oil tank is 0.22 liters.
  • Engine type - Petrol 2-stroke.
  • Fuel - Gasoline AI-92.95 with oil for two-stroke engines.
  • Decompressor - No.
  • Side chain tensioner - Yes.
  • The oil pump is automatic.
  • The tire length is 35 cm/14".(Oregon 140SDEA041)
  • The Application Is Private.
  • Chain 3/8" x .050"(1.3mm)(Oregon 91VXL052)
  • Weight - 4.3 kg.


Chainsaw Oleo-MAC GS 371 (14", 3/8, 1,3) - a compact household model that is designed using the same technologies that are used in high-power chain saws. It provides high performance, maximum in its category, efficiency, minimum time and effort. The chainsaw is designed for periodic work on felling small trees and harvesting firewood.


Aluminum Automatic/Adjustable Oil Pump

The oil supply level is set at the factory, but you can change it using the adjusting screw depending on the working conditions. The pump does not consume oil at idle.

Easy-on start-up relief system

Guarantees a smooth start without recoil and reduces the required number of starter jerks.

Side chain tensioner

It makes it possible to easily and quickly adjust the tension of the chain, without hand contact with the chain.


Facilitates cold start of the chainsaw, starting after refueling new fuel or prolonged downtime.

Reusable Nylon Air Filter

A large filter surface significantly improves the air supply to the carburetor and makes it possible to increase the interval between cleaning the filter.

Anti-freezing system

A special switch allows you to change the operating mode from summer to winter, providing warm air to the carburetor so that ice does not form inside it.

Three-element clutch

Makes it possible to immediately engage parts, virtually eliminates slippage, promotes uniform wear of saw parts.

Multifunctional control lever

The controls built into the lever for turning on/off the ignition, the air damper and the "half-gas" simplify the operation of the saw.

Easy access to the filter and candle, without additional tools

Simplifies maintenance operations.

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