Chainsaw Oleo-Mac GS 35 + PS 14" (50249001E1+PS)

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  • Power/displacement 2.0 hp - 1.5 kW / 38.9 cm3;
  • Bar length 35 cm / 14”;
  • Oil pump automatic;
  • Oil/fuel tank capacity 0 .26 l / 0.36 l;
  • Weight 4.4 kg.


The Oleo Mac GS 35 chainsaw is suitable for users who need to cut branches , pruning trees, pruning bushes and trees of small and medium diameters, as well as sawing wood for a fireplace and felling small trees. Care for the environment is one of the most important requirements that was observed in the manufacture of this chainsaw.

When designing, the technology for the production of semi-professional and professional chainsaws was used. Thanks to this, the saw has a number of technical characteristics that are much better than those used for amateur-grade dusts. For example, the quality of sawing and compliance with regulations for the prevention of environmental pollution. New engines that reduce both noise levels and unburned hydrocarbon (HC + NOx) emissions guarantee economical operation and environmental protection. /h3>

  • Aluminum body, forged steel connecting rod, nickel-plated cylinder, 3-section shaft, roller cage and blade bearing.
  • Double air filter. filtration, as well as ease of maintenance.
  • High-quality performance of the carburetor on 4 shock absorbers, reduces vibration as much as possible and increases reliability in operation.
  • The chainsaw has six shock absorbers (3 rubber and 3 The chain brake handle with two attachments to the body is ergonomic and designed for trouble-free operation of the chain brake in any working position and under any working conditions. simple and safe engine starting, located in a cramped design on the chainsaw body.
  • Combining the function of adjusting the air damper and turning on the engine, in one multifunctional lever - allows the user to easily and simply use the chainsaw.


Oregon Power Sharp

Sharpen a chain in 4 seconds.

Let's get to work

Do you know the situation when work stopped at the most inconvenient moment due to a dull chain?4 seconds.


Power Sharp 1

Attach and secure

When the saw chain is dull, install the sharpener onto the POWER SHARP bar and secure it with steel studs on the guide holes, then close the cover.

border-color: initial;" title="Power Sharp 2" src="/images/2.jpg" alt="Power Sharp 2" data-mce-src="../images/2.jpg" data-mce -style="border-style : initial; border-color: initial;" width="100" height="86">


Rest the base of the sharpener against a rigid object. press for 4 seconds.

Power Sharp 3


Now you can get back to work with your sharpened chain.

Power Sharp 4


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