Chainsaw Efco MTH 510 (Oleo-Mac) (50339012E1)

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  • Power - 3 hp (2.2 kW);
  • Tire - OREGON 18” (45 cm);
  • Lanzug - OREGON 0.325” x 0.058” (1.3 mm);
  • Carburetor - Walbro;
  • Primer - yes;
  • Fuel tank volume - 0.55 l;
  • Oil tank volume - 0.26 l ;
  • Chain tensioner - side;
  • Air filter - nylon;
  • Air filter cover - keyless entry (wing nut);
  • < li>Crankcase - aluminum;
  • Weight (without bar and chain) - 5.2 kg.
  • The new series of chain saws EFCO from EMAK for domestic use with an exclusive design , best-in-class performance and outstanding features.

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    Oleo Mac 510 chainsaw - professional gasoline chainsaw saw for high-speed and high-quality work, with its help you can prepare. firewood, cut tree branches, fell trees, harvest wood raw materials for industrial and construction purposes. With a powerful engine, the device handles tasks with ease.

    1.Designed in Italy.

    2. High quality fasteners .

    3.Reliable carburetor ensures stable operation of the chainsaw.

    5.Economic fuel consumption.

    7. Easy start.

    8. Thanks to the new anti-vibration system, the vibration level is reduced to a minimum, so the operator can use the tool for its intended purpose, without discomfort.< o:p>

    9. Great speedup.

    10. Even in the toughest conditions, the high torque makes the job faster.

    High power.

    Chainsaw oleo mac, price, Ukraine

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    Nickel plated cylinder

    < /p>

    Oversized 100 mm flywheel with new An design geometry to ensure smoother engine operation, reliable and constant cooling even at high ambient temperatures.


    < p>Forged three-piece crankshaft and forged connecting rod, as well as protected bearings.

    < /p>

    Piston with two piston rings.

    Reliable Walbro carburetor.

    Three-mass centrifugal clutch and 7-tooth chain sprocket.

    Aluminum adjustable oil pump. Simplifies the task of the operator to select the level of oil supply based on the tasks performed, the size of the bar / chain. Zero oil supply at idle ensures low oil consumption and also reduces environmental impact.


    Side chain tensioner simplifies the chain tensioning process and chain adjustment, and also eliminates the risk of contact with the teeth (which is typical for end tensioners).

    The fuel tank is physically separated from the crankcase, which reduces the heating of the fuel mixture from a hot engine. .

    A handy wing nut allows you to easily access the air filter and spark plug for maintenance without the use of special tools. Nylon mesh air filter it is easy to clean and has an extended service life.


    The anti-vibration system consists of one spring damper and 5 rubber dampers, which provides complete isolation of the operator's hands protection against harmful vibrations.

    Auto Shutter - requires one push to start . Primer for pumping the fuel mixture directly into the carburetor - this will allow you to quickly start the dust in cold conditions, after refueling and after long periods of storage. catalog/photo/avtozaslonka-i-primer.jpg">

    Reinforced muffler guarantees reduced noise level even when operating at maximum speed.

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