Brushcutter Oleo-Mac BCH 50 T

  • Brand: Oleo-Mac
  • Product Code: 7956-
  • Sku: BCH 50
  • Availability: In Stock
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  • The volume of the cylinder is 50.9 cm cubic.
  • Power - 2.1 / 2.8 kW/hp.
  • The diameter of the tube is 32 mm.
  • The volume of the gas tank is 1.1 liters.
  • Clutch - yes
  • Package contents - Tap&Go EVO mowing head Ø 130 mm fishing line Ø 2.40 mm + 3-tooth knife + shoulder strap satchel.
  • Weight - 8.3 kg.


The Ole-Mac BCH 50 T petrol pump is an inexpensive, reliable and practical grass trimmer from a proven, well-known manufacturer on the market that installs professional engines even on amateur models.

Motorcycle mowers and Oleo-Mac brushcutters are a popular technique for caring for suburban and house plots. It is characterized by convenience, safety and cost-effectiveness in use, as well as a long period of operation.

This medium-power device is convenient to use for processing a small or medium-sized area. The mower is easy to operate and at the same time equipped with the following elements characteristic of professional equipment:

  • a piston equipped with two rings;
  • three-component crankshaft;
  • steel transmission with bearings, which reduces the vibration of the device during use;
  • the handle is T-shaped, providing more efficient operation in open spaces due to a convenient swing.

This model from Oleo-Mac is equipped with a chrome cylinder, which increases the reliability and performance of the engine. <> Additional convenience during operation is created by the presence of an easy start system and the use of an anti-vibration design. The rigid shaft ensures reliable operation of the device with both a knife and a mowing head.

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