Oleo-Mac petrol pumps (brush cutters, motorcycle pumps)

Specifications:The volume of the cylinder is 50.9 cm cubic.Power - 2.1 / 2.8 kW/hp.The diameter of the tube is 32 mm.The volume of the gas tank is 1.1 liters.Clutch - yesPackage contents - Tap&Go EVO mowing head Ø 130 mm fishing line Ø 2.40 mm + ..
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Specifications: Cylinder volume (see cube) 40.2 Power (kW/hp) 1.6 / 2.1 Weight (kg) 7.2 Tube diameter (mm) 28 Gas tank capacity (L) 0.87 Package contents - mowing head + knife + shoulder strap Clutch - yes The Oleo Mac BSSH 40T Brushcutter  – po..
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Cutting tool - Load & Go head + 3 teeth.lower Cylinder volume, cm cube - 40.2 Power, kW / hp - 1.6 / 2.1 Gas tank volume, l - 0.75 Weight, kg - 7.9 Motorcycle mower Oleo-Mac 741 If you want to buy an oleo mac motorcycle mower in Kiev or any other..
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Specifications: Cylinder volume (see cube) 40.2 Power (kW/hp) 1.6 / 2.1 Weight (kg) 7.2 Tube diameter (mm) 28 Gas tank capacity (L) 0.87 Package contents - mowing head + knife + shoulder strap Clutch - yes Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T Brushcutter - power and qu..
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Cylinder volume (see cube) 35.8 Power (kW/hp) 1,2 / 1,6 Weight (kg) 7.0 Tube diameter (mm) 24 Gas tank capacity (L) 0.560 Package contents - mowing head + knife + shoulder strap Clutch - yes A motorcycle with reduced emissions “Burn Right” (with a 4..
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Oleo-Mac motorcycle pumps.

Manufacturers of Oleo Mac equipment are not new to the market for the manufacture of motorcycle mowers, chainsaws, motor drills, etc.of European quality. It immediately becomes obvious that the Oleo-Mac motorcycle pumps will be adapted to our market at a price, but with Western-level quality.

Motorcycle mowers themselves represent a dacha equipment with modern power and maneuverability when performing garden work. A kind of motorcycle mower, such as the Oleo-Mac Sparta 25, is a unique model adapted to the "kettle" in terms of ease of use. The launch of this unit is distinguished by some simplicity and "intuitiveness". Every amateur and novice gardener can buy such a motorcycle mower. Here, there is also an improved model of Oleo-Mac Sparta 38(it replaced its predecessor 37), in it the flywheel is increased in size - it serves for more efficient engine cooling. The manufacturer has provided this technique with a foam filter, which provides additional protection for the engine even when working on heavily littered areas of the earth.

The price of such mowers consists of this approach-the main components have a high margin of safety, as a rule, they are made of forged steel. The amazing thing is that the bearings are as if in an oil environment, so even with minimal care, you will never have any worries about the technical condition of the tool. So everyone in the household is recommended to have such a unique car, the choice of model is up to you!

Brushcutter is an effective assistant on the household plot

If your fazenda is ennobled by a hedge, and it needs to be trimmed regularly, then you know that it is not always convenient to do this with trellis scissors or pruning shears. But what about it? After all, I want to maintain order and beauty. A great option will be motorcycle boots!

Visually, the motor knives are similar to a chainsaw, but they have a slightly different device, and the principle of operation is different. The working part of the power saw is a special chain with sharp teeth, it moves in a circle. But the working part of the tool in question is moving knives.


According to the type of drive, the motor knives that you can buy on our website can be gasoline, battery or mains.

Gasoline models with a two-stroke engine are very popular, their power can range from 700 to 1500 Watts. They can easily cope with shoots up to three cm thick.

The network ones have a power of 400-600 Watts. A distinctive feature is the dependence on the cable. Ideal for cutting small twigs, the thickness of which is not higher than 2 centimeters.

Battery packs are light in weight, and they emit minimal vibrations, so with their help it will be easy to cut off weak shoots and non-thick shoots, even in the most inconvenient places.

According to the device of the cutting part, they can be:

- with long knives (3-5 cm);

- with short knives (less than two centimeters);

- two-sided (the cutting part is visible from both sides);

- one-sided (the cutting part is open only on one side).

Oleo mac brush cutter is a high-quality tool for your garden

On the virtual shelves of our online store you will be able to find various motor knives (altimeters, brush cutters), they are indispensable in the process of landscaping a suburban area.

Features and benefits:

1)               Our brush cutters are able to cut branches with a diameter of 35 mm.

2)               The cutting elements (knife-teeth) are made of good steel, this guarantees uninterrupted operation for a long period.

3)               There is a possibility of cold start of the engine, thanks to the system fuel pumping.

4)               Light weight.

5)               The warranty is two years.

6)               Comfortable operation with the tool is provided by soft cushioning.

Oleo Macs are created taking into account all the little things necessary for effective work, they are easy to manage and easy to hold in your hands.