Oleo-Mac Petrol Blowers

Specifications:Type - Push-pull, air-cooled.Power - 1.3 hp - 1.0 kW.The volume of the cylinder is 25.4 cm3.Carburetor pumping device (primer) - Yes.The volume of the fuel tank is 0.45 liters.The maximum air consumption is 12.0 m3/min - 720 m3/year.Th..
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power blower Oleo-Mac BV 300 56559002E2B 30.5 cc 0,9 / 1,2 4,3 700 M. cube / hour round nozzle The oleo mac bv 300 blower is a great helper for a summer resident Are you one of those people who love to keep their garden and the surrounding area in ..
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power blower Oleo-Mac BV 162 56529002E1A 61.3 cc 3,3 / 4,5 9,4 1200 M. kub / h satchelOleo-Mac BV 162 blowerThis device can easily cope with the cleaning of private land plots, city streets, stadiums, parks, squares. It is equipped with an almost sil..
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Buy an oleo mac blower – an excellent solution for quick cleaning of the territory

Blowers are used by people living in a cottage, a private house, or gardeners on a suburban plot. With the help of such a device, you can quickly remove the infield from old or mown grass, fallen leaves, twigs, small debris. The blower produces a strong air flow, with which it is easy to transform the house territory, clearing it in the blink of an eye. 

Operating principle and design features

The main element of the device is an engine with an impeller. Regardless of whether it is a garden vacuum cleaner or a blower, the unit sucks up foliage or forms a powerful air flow. In the first case, a wide bell is used, which easily removes debris, and the impeller plays the role of a knife, grinding foliage and small debris before entering the bag. In the second – a long and narrow plastic pipe, thanks to which it is possible to obtain a directed air flow.

Some garden vacuum cleaners of the oleo mac blower are supplied with all the necessary accessories by default, others assume an optional installation. For example, initially it can only be a blower, but by purchasing a removable bag and a bell, this inventory, it can also be used as a vacuum cleaner.

According to the principle of nutrition, a leaf blower or a vacuum cleaner are divided into two main groups. They can be with an internal combustion engine or electric.

The gasoline blower is different design features: they have a shoulder strap for carrying on the shoulder, bulk bags are connected through a special adapter pipe.

Compared with electric analogues, gasoline blowers are more powerful, so they will be relevant when cleaning a large area, for example, in a park or square.

Online store of blowers in Ukraine

The previously used broom and rake are a thing of the past, cleaning with their help requires large energy costs. The OLEO MAC vacuum cleaner-blower is the best assistant in restoring order in the garden and on the house territory. There is no need to conduct training for its use, because it is easy to operate. The blower from the Italian manufacturer will help to cope with small branches, fallen leaves, other garden garbage, other garbage, caught on the site. The big advantage of such devices is their compactness and mobility.

Some Oleo Mac blowers have an additional vacuum cleaner function. Thanks to the versatility of the models this kind, after collecting garbage in one place, it is easy to collect it.

Order an oleo mac blower in Kiev, you can, even without leaving the house. It's simple! Contact our consultants, they will help you choose the right equipment for the garden and vegetable garden, after which they will place an order with fast delivery.