Hozelock Irrigation Systems

Hoses and guns for irrigation, sprinklers and fittings, coils for Hozelock hoses.

Modern technologies have reached the level that you do not have to water the lawn, garden or vegetable garden for hours. It is enough to purchase hozelock automatic irrigation! Any automatic irrigation system, regardless of the manufacturer, consists of such basic elements:

- additional components (pipes, hoses, sensors, fittings);

- valves;

- sprayers;

- the controller.

The last part is the brain center of the automatic system, with its help a program is set (time, day and duration of the watering process).

Any the irrigation system can be stationary or mobile. Their main difference is the possible area of soil that can be irrigated. If you need a frequent change of locations on a large area, then compact mobile devices are suitable. Well, if the area for irrigation is large, it will be more rational to use stationary models, which need to be moved only occasionally.

Hozelock – quality and reliability for many years

Today, the company "Khozelok" is one of the most popular and largest organizations in the field of manufacturing irrigation and spraying systems for land plots. In addition to this category of goods, the company's assortment can please owners of swimming pools and large reservoirs.

The main office of the company is located in the English city of Birmingham, and products (hozelok spray guns, hoses, etc.) under their brand have been distributed all over the world for half a century. One of the first products that the company released was hozelok connectors made of plastic.

 Main the mission of this manufacturer is to simplify people's work during irrigation and watering of the soil. Thanks to the bright heads of the organization, a system was opened to humanity that allows connecting hoses with different types of sprinklers in a few seconds. Kromeetogo, thanks to the developers of the British company, there were coils, which stored a hose for watering hozelok. Realizing the genius and simplicity of the idea, some time later, other manufacturers began to use such a system of removal.

Hozelock hose, buy in Ukraine

The hoses from the manufacturer from foggy Albion are distinguished by a large throughput, a high level of strength and wear resistance, plus they are also they are pleasant in the tactile plane. Therefore, if you are interested in the products of this company, contact our professional and friendly managers! They will help you choose the right option and place an order with fast delivery.